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Jo-Ann Dumas, who hails from Connecticut, has been entertaining audience for over 45 years. But during the early years of her singing career she was also juggling a stewardess career. She realized that singing was really what she loved doing best. So, she left the airlines and threw herself entirely into show business.

THE "Jo-Ann Dumas Show" has been the headlining act for such venues as The Four Seasons, Hilton, and Sheraton hotel chains throughout the United States (including Las Vegas) and Canada. She has also performed on The Norwegian and Sitmar Cruise Lines. Jo-Ann has sung every genre of music successfully, be it, doo wop, disco, rock, big band or country. She feels if you want to last in this business you have to be open to whatever the audience wants to hear. And because of her versatility she continues to perform today.

Over the years Jo-Ann has been the opening act for such greats as Rodney Dangerfield, The Grass Roots, Grand Funk Railroad, The Drifters, The Platters, and the list goes on and on. She has also done T.V. and radio commercials during her modeling years.

Jo-Ann also performs with a number of doo wop groups. "Reminisce" of New England, and "Street Corner Serenade" A'cappella. She also performs with Linda Jansen, the original lead singer of the Angels ("'Til"/"Cry Baby Cry"), and is also a member of Gerry Granahan's Dicky Do and the Don'ts.

But Jo-Ann loves making people laugh which is why she and fellow "Yaggette" member Denise Ferri, decided to form the group "The Yaggettes".

"We are all part of the baby boomer generation and we know there is a place for such an act. So instead of moaning and groaning about getting older, and all the changes we are going through, we may as well make light of it. We have chosen to do that with song. After all, music is the universal language"!

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